After conducting a national search the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the appointment of Brad Sewell as Veritas Christian Academy of Houston’s third Head of School. Mr. Sewell was selected based on his experience, commitment to the vision and values of Veritas, demonstrated leadership with all stakeholders and passion for our continued growth.  Mr. Sewell will assume his duties as Head on January 1, 2017. 

Prior to his appointment as Head of School, Mr. Sewell served Veritas with distinction the past six years as a teacher, Director of Admissions, Deputy Head of School and most recently as Interim Head.  Mr. Sewell received his B.A. in History and Theology from Southeastern College at Wake Forest as well as his Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and has both private and public certifications.

Mr. Sewell is deeply committed to the mission and core values of Veritas, emphasizing the importance of training not only one’s intellect but also character and spiritual development. As an advocate of classical education, he is keen to continue building on Veritas’ classical foundation.

We want to thank all members of the Veritas community who participated in this process over the last nine months, and specifically for the continuous prayers that were crucial to the outcome. A special thanks to members of our Search Committee for the hours sacrificed in service to Veritas.

- Daniel Droog, Board Chair


Veritas Christian Academy of Houston is governed by parents through a board of trustees elected by parents. Veritas does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national or ethnic origin in admitting students; in its administration; in its educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, or in its athletic and other administrated programs. 

The board hires the head of school and the head of school is the CEO of the organization and is responsible for the daily operation of the school and for hiring faculty and staff.

All governance flows from the Statement of Faith, which is a summary of the essentials of the Christian faith. It serves as the standard by which all board members and staff are selected and maintained. The Statement of Faith cannot be amended. The corporation will instantly be dissolved if the board or administration should act contrary to the tenets of the Statement of Faith. This provision guards the purity of the school and protects parents and staff.


An excerpt from the Veritas by laws concerning the qualifications of trustees:

“All Trustees must read, understand, accept, sign and display lives consistent with the principles contained in the Statement of Faith contained in Article Five of the Articles of Incorporation for the Corporation. Members of the Board of Trustees should be active members of a local church. In all cases, the demonstrated Christian profession and lifestyle of the individual Trustee shall be a major consideration as to his/her suitability as Trustees. All Trustees must demonstrate expertise valuable to the Corporation, commitment to Christian education as defined by the Corporation’s Mission Statement, and should be servant leaders.” 

If you have any questions about board governance or would like more information, please feel free to contact our Board President Dan Droog through the school office.