Graduate Profile

The unique educational experience offered at Veritas is designed to produce the following outcomes for our graduates and all students, developed throughout the academic progression of grades:  


  • Readiness to perform with distinction at the next academic level
  • Lifelong passion for learning
  • Inventive thinking and problem solving
  • Readiness in language skills for advanced study  

  • Love and serve others in the community like Christ
  • Learn to apply the Bible in daily life and make wise decisions
  • Memorize large portions of scripture 
  • Foundation knowledge of Old/New Testament

  • Confidence in theatre productions     
  • Display an understanding of art history and varied art techniques
  • Learn to read music and play an instrument  
Technology and Research

  • Skill in accessing, analyzing and utilizing information
  • The ability to apply knowledge proficiently using digital technology    
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, movie-making, and study skills applications  

  • Effective written and verbal skills  
  • Proficiency and confidence in public presentation     
  • Ability to pursue independent endeavors and collaborate as part of a team  
Personal Traits     

  • Appreciation for the arts, athletics and humanities                                                                                                  
  • Self-awareness and understanding of collaborative efforts and constructive feedback     
  • Responsibility for personal actions  
  • Initiative and perseverance in achieving personal goals     
  • Respectful to others

  • Strong foundation in athletic skills     
  • Readiness to perform well at the next athletic level     
  • Learn the value of team building