The Veritas Experience

Excellence in education begins and ends in the classroom, and we spare no effort to develop critical thinking skills and prepare our students to meet the challenges ahead. Our classical method focuses on teaching “with the grain,” which means instruction is tailored to the student’s learning style at each age level. Our goal is to teach our students how to think and how to learn, not to indoctrinate them by teaching what to think. In this way, our students equipped with "tools of learning".

At Veritas, students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade are challenged with opportunities to excel in the areas of faith and knowledge.  Our academic program, combined with faculty expertise, is designed to promote the personal and intellectual growth of our students by providing a strong foundation across a broad base of academic disciplines. Veritas is organized into three divisions: the Preschool (PK3-PK4), Lower School (Kindergarten-4th) and the Middle School (5th-8th).

Through coordination among the divisions, our curriculum is designed so that each successive grade adds to our students’ mastery of skills and continued maturation.  Our curriculum is constantly reviewed and refined to ensure the best possible academic opportunities for our students.  Each division prepares our student to succeed at the next level and develop a love of learning for a lifetime.