Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Dear Veritas Community,

We are very grateful to have our campus open again. Our students are back engaged in learning and our school is returning to a state of normalcy. Stepping back into a routine and a typical school day in the wake of Harvey has been a blessing to all of us.  As I have walked campus seeing our students laughing, shuffling through hallways on their way to class, or outside enjoying a bit of cooler weather, it has been a reminder that we count ourselves very fortunate to have reopened this week.

Having said that, we are still mindful that all has not returned to normal.  As in past updates, if your family has been impacted by the floods and we can provide you with any assistance, please let us know.  For our part on campus, we will approach next week again with flexibility and bear in mind homework assignments and preparation for assessments as we are still readjusting.  Travel time to school for many of our families has been challenging and will likely worsen as HISD opens their doors next week. Parents can help us to continue the readjustment to school next week by having your children get into their school routine with regular sleep/wake patterns, a healthy diet, and plenty of physical activity.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and character of our community.  'Character Formation’ is one of our core values, and I have seen it exhibited countless times this week and throughout last week through personally witnessing it, being a recipient of it, and hearing stories of what the Veritas community is doing to help others in Bellaire and across this city. Thank you!

Lastly, I previously communicated that we would provide you with more details about ways to help as soon as we could gauge where our assistance and support is most needed.  Today, thanks to your giving, we will provide a meal for an incoming group of 30 volunteers from Louisiana for the Harvey Relief Effort here in Bellaire / Meyerland.  We have identified two additional ways you can help.  I am including information about these below:

  • Harvey Relief for Veritas Families & Faculty - Many of you have asked how we can help our families and faculty affected by the hurricane.  Next week (Monday-Wednesday), we will have a table outside during morning drop off to collect money to purchase gift cards to be distributed to all our families and faculty that suffered from flooding.  We will collect through Wednesday, and then purchase gift cards to be distributed on Friday.  If you would prefer to give online to help our families and faculty, simply click on the Donate Now button and designate your gift for ‘Harvey Relief for Veritas Families and Faculty’.

  • Local Private School Assistance - Please look for a targeted communication next week regarding how we can help local private schools in our area that have been flooded and their classrooms affected. One way that we can help another community of learners is to provide school supplies.   

Thank you for the support you have offered to the school, the city, and beyond.  We will continue to pray for you and let us know of any needs you have.  

The rain and clouds of last week have given way to beautiful sunshine and weather this week, and our students are enjoying it on The Green as you can see below.

God bless,

Brad Sewell

Head of School