FAQ about Finals & Graduation

This year, the Eighth-Grade Finals will be May 15 - 18, 2017.  Students who are exempt from their finals are required to attend graduation rehearsal. If they stay on campus for the other classes, they need to be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

Eighth-grade students finish school about a week earlier than grades seventh and below.  This year, the last day of school for 8th grade is Thursday, May 18, 2017.  Eighth-grade students will be expected to attend the End of the Year Chapel on Thursday, May 25, 2017 (during the morning) and Graduation will be later that day at 6:00 pm.

Students are only required to be at school during finals week for a final exam and graduation rehearsal. Only students who are exempt from finals may come and go between these requirements but they are required to be in uniform at all times they are on campus and sign in/out upon entering or leaving.  Students may not leave campus unless accompanied by a parent.

Only students exempt from finals may do so, as long as they have written permission. They may walk to their home unaccompanied but may not walk to the local fast food store unless they are with a parent and have a written permission.  Students are not allowed to leave campus unless accompanied by an adult with the exception of written permission to walk home.

If an Eighth Grade student has less than 12 absences for the year, E or S average in conduct and an overall A average in all 4 quarters for one subject (ex. Q1-92, Q2-85, Q3-98, Q4-99 = 93.5), that student will be exempt from taking the final in that subject.

This is announced the Friday of eighth grade review week.  Students will know if they are exempt from a final before the weekend.


Yes, exam reviews are graded and are averaged in the fourth quarter grade; therefore all students are required to complete the reviews.

Yes, anytime a student is on campus they need to be in uniform.

The graduation ceremony lasts approximately one hour. The ceremony is held in the main sanctuary and usually begins at 6:00pm.  Students are asked to arrive at 5:15 for graduation pictures taken by Nesossi Studios. It is very important for all students to be here on time for the group class picture. The graduation program typically includes the following:  7th grade video presentation of the 8th graders, speeches by the Valedictorian and Head of School, awarding of diplomas, and family prayer for the graduating class. We usually finish by 7 pm.

The Valedictorian (student with the highest GPA) will be expected to address his classmates and teachers during the graduation. The Salutatorian (student with the next highest GPA) will speak in the End of the Year Chapel in addition to opening Graduation in prayer, and the third student in academic rank is chosen to read a Bible passage.  Graduates are often selected to sing during the graduation ceremony.

Students who have a final GPA of 3.8 or higher, have an average E in conduct in all classes and have completed 30 hours of community service will have a golden stole over their gown.

Each student typically will receive their cap and gown the week of finals. Students should observe the following dress requirements for graduation.  Girls may wear long or short dresses. No spaghetti straps, bare shoulders, bare backs or long slits. Light make-up is fine.  If they are going to wear high heels they may want to bring these to rehearsal in order to practice walking onto the stage. Boys should be dressed in dark slacks, dress shoes, and a tie.  No Tennis Shoes!  Coats are optional.  

No. Cap and gowns (and honor stole if applicable) must be returned to the office immediately following the ceremony. The tassel only may be kept. If cap and gown are not returned the night of the ceremony a $45 will be charged to your FACTS account.

Nesossi Studios will be arrive at 5:15 pm before graduation to take individual, class, and family pictures and will be available during the ceremony to take a picture of each graduate with their diploma. Nesossi will also be available after the program for extra pictures as needed. For specific requirements or more questions you may contact Nessossi at http://www.nesossistudios.com.  You may order pictures from Nessossi before the graduation ceremony.

It depends on the eighth grade parents. It varies from a simple cake and punch reception in the gym afterwards, to a formal dinner at a local restaurant.  Parents will need to organize this.

Traditionally, every eighth grade class leaves Veritas with a gift. Parents collect the money among each other and buy a gift for Veritas that will have a plaque explain so. Previous gifts have been the trophy cases in the hallway, the flagpole, a door mat with the Veritas Logo on it and different benches for the playground.